Monday, February 15, 2016

U R B A N   N U R S E R Y

I think that everyone is familiar with the sensation of driving past somewhere and thinking to yourself, "Hey, I should check that place out!" and continuing to drive by and never actually checking it out. I've been doing that lately with Dig It Urban Gardens + Nursery. They peaked my interest with such a cute name, but what really sold me was driving by their super rad mural. (See image below). How could you not love that. It wasn't surprising that the rest of the garden was just as cute, see for yourself

Dig It Garden and Nursery Phoenix Girl in Greenhouse
top is h&m // necklace is american eagle // shorts are thrifted // shoes are birkenstock
Succulents and Cacti Girl in Greenhouse Girl holding Cacti

I'm convinced that the lighting inside greenhouses is some of the best there is. The way the structure defuses light is seriously dreamy. It doesn't hurt that the inside is filled with gorgeous greenery. This would be my third time taking photographs in a greenhouse of sorts and I'm ready for more. If you know of any sweet gardens in the phoenix area that I should check out, let me know!


I'm a little ashamed that it took me so long to visit. But a few pictures and one air plant later, I'm glad I did.

xx Deanna

Sunday, October 4, 2015

O U T F I T   T O   W I N D S O R

Where do the days go? No, seriously how on earth is it october already. I'm not kidding. I swear it was August two days ago. But that's what happens. Especially since school has started up I feel like time is going ridiculously fast. December's graduation date is coming up on me pretty quickly. But everyday is crammed with it's own mini adventure. Last weekend (I know, I've been procrastinating on this post for an entire week). Adam and I went to Windsor for a couple of drinks. It was kind of on a whim, and trust me, we needed the break.

In true Fall/Autumn spirit I tried one of their rotating Pumpkin Ales. This particular one was from Upslope and it was seriously delicious. I mean look at those colors. It's unreal.

Most of my outfit is thrifted... buuut you can find similar pieces here, here, here and my shoes of course here. This is a fairly short post with more hopefully on the way soon! But that's it for now!

xx Deanna

Friday, August 7, 2015

S I X   T I P S   F O R   A   S M A L L   G U E S T L I S T

So, you've decided to have a small wedding! Awesome, that's what we decided to do and it was the perfect choice for us. Here are six tips to keep in mind when you're trying to keep your guest list small!

1. Choose a number and stick to it.
It's up to you to decide how many people you want at your wedding. How small is small? For Adam and I it was 60 guests. For you it might mean 20, 15, 100! Choose the number that works for you. Once you've decided on that number. STICK WITH IT. (Within reason, I'd say three over &/or under is perfectly fine). Just remember, there's always going to be one more person you're tempted to invite. Then the next thing you know you're wedding has going from 65 to 200!

2. Think of who you'd actually miss.
This is going to be your shortest list. I mean think about it, this is your wedding day are you really going to be thinking about Great Uncle Vernon as you say your vows? Probably not. For example, my list was basically immediate family, my best friend, and her dad and brother. (And my husband & his immediate family of course). These are the people that if they weren't there I would be like, Man... I really wish they were here. These people go to the top of your list, pronto.

3. Who has impacted you.
These are the people who have changed the course of your life for the better. It can anyone from be the person who introduced you to your fiance to your fifth grade science teacher who put you on the career path you're on now. This is something you'll have to decide on your own, but you'll be happy you thought of them.

4. Who are your best friends, right now.
Your most recent roommate, closest friends at church, work besties. The people who are currently your best friends. Those people that when you look at your wedding pictures. You'll be like, "oh my gosh, remember when I used to live with Bethany, what a blast!" Wedding memories and pictures are almost like a little time capsule, who do you want to be a part of that?

5. What family members are you close (and not close) with.
No, mom, Great Uncle Vernon really doesn't need to be invited. When it comes to small weddings, sadly, everyone in the family isn't invited. What family members do you have close relationships with, cousins, aunts, and uncles that have impacted you, or that you've stayed in close communication with. This is the portion that can be tricky, but as long as you're tactful and kind most people will understand and respect your wishes!

6. Don't forget this is about you.
Look down at your list. Make sure that you're not inviting anyone because you're afraid of hurting their feelings. When it comes to weddings some people make the assumption that they're invited (and that's okay, most weddings are really big these days) so you might feel pressured just to add them to the list. DON'T! This is about you if they really care about you, they probably won't take it personally. ;)

Hopefully this helps! And remember, if you're cutting down your list and it just doesn't feel right, maybe a small wedding isn't for you! There's no wrong amount of guests to invite. Do what feels right to you and your fiance. :)

xx Deanna

Thursday, August 6, 2015

S T Y L E   I N S P I R A T I O N

1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Seriously though, denim. Denim on denim on denim on denim. The girl in picture #3 perfectly captures my opinion on the matter. Seriously what's cuter, her face or the outfit? (Her face, obviously). There is something wonderfully useful about a high quality chambray. And if that ASOS dress wasn't out of stock I would have ordered right on the spot.

What's your favorite way to style denim?

xx Deanna

Saturday, August 1, 2015

V I S U A L   D I A R Y   1.0

//Great summer cocktails made with this recipe //Working on our calendar for August. Getting goals, budget, and the blog all in one place. //Take out anyone? From this restaurant. //This bin of colorful buttons from SAS caught my eye Friday. //Dried flowers and Stumptown Cold Brew. Nothing better //I'll leave you with Adam's chipotle face. Nomnomnom.

xx Deanna

p.s. (Happy August)

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

A P A R T M E N T   I N S P I R A T I O N

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Adam and I will probably be moving in the next couple of months. So, I've been stocking up on creative ways to decorate our new space! I basically know two things. One, white walls & wood floors are a definite bonus. And two, plants plants plants plants. Seriously though, there is nothing more refreshing to me than an apartment that is thriving with plant life. Hanging plants, potted plants, window seal plants, you name it! I'm all for it. But, that's just me. What's your favorite kind of houseplant?

xx Deanna

Monday, July 27, 2015

C A M P I N G   O N   T H E   R I M

campin on the rim, payson az This weekend my husband and I tried out our new tent for the very first time. And we have no complaints. The set-up was fairly quick, and we had absolutely no issues. The design is quietly functional and adorable. I'm seriously in love with all of REI's "Lion" colored products. Which is just a fancy way of saying yellow. ;) As an Arizona native I'm ashamed to say that this was my first time in Payson Arizona as an adult, but it was definitely worth the wait. The Rim Payson Arizona The Rim Payson Arizona When you get to wake up in the morning to looking out over the rim, it really is an awesome experience. It's so refreshing just to experience the quietness of nature. No cars, no people, just the bees and the wind. (I did hear an elk or some type of deer down the cliff side, but I never got to see it). For me, it's so easy to forget how big and beautiful Arizona really is. Looking out over all of that life was such an honor. Camping Payson Arizona Camping Payson Arizona As someone that hadn't many camping experiencing in either my child or adulthood, I can safely say that I've officially got the camp bug. (Camp-bug? Is that a thing? I'm making it a thing). I don't know where we'll go next, but I will definitely keep you posted. This specific area was totally awesome and I can't wait to go back again. But, first, let's see what other places Adam and I are able to check out. Arizona is a big place, and it's pretty gorgeous. Camping Payson Arizona Camping Payson Arizona Camping Payson Arizona Camping Payson Arizona Having the freedom to decide whether we wanted to relax & read a book, or take a walk and pick some wildflower was just nice. There really weren't any demands on our time as we were out there. Also, shout out to my aunt and uncle who invited us on this trip. They are the best and we wouldn't have known about this spot (or been able to get there) without them (and their four wheel drive). The Rim Payson Arizona Are you local, or ever been to AZ? If so, what are your favorite camping spots? I'd love to try them out! If not in Arizona, I'm open to suggestions all over the world. Adam and I are always down to road trip. And as we make our way visiting places around the globe, it's good to have a list of places to visit and things to do! xo Deanna